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Bride and bridesmaids jump into swimming pool
Bride and groom giving shout-out to wedding guests
Twin flower girls whisper as bride approaches
Bride and bridesmaids laugh while dancing in reception
Joyous bride and groom after marriage pronouncement
Bride and groom pelted with rose petals while departing
Bride and groom laugh during first dance by yellow wall
Bride looks out windows in Thornewood Castle suite
Bride prepares to toss bouquet from barn balcony
Daughter of bride and groom licks her tears in wedding
Bride's mom tears up as daughter preps for wedding
Grooms react to dad's toast during wedding reception
Melancholy bride by window of MV Skansonia in Seattle
Bride's mom and sister help fasten her veil
Bride and parents laugh as they escort her down aisle
Baby flower girl gnaws on heel of mom's shoe
Baby reaches for flower held in tattooed groom's mouth
Army groom borrows brother's dreadlock as mustache
Bridesmaids react variously to emotional wedding ceremony
Groom jumps into Tongan dance during wedding reception

Candid Gallery

The Portfolio of Wallflower Photography

Unobtrusive, storytelling wedding photojournalism is the foundation of Wallflower Photography's approach to photographing weddings. Simply put, we want to re-tell the real story of your wedding day in our photographs. 

Why is that important? You've surely heard that your wedding will go by in a blur. Just think how blurry those memories will be in 10, 20, 50 years! So we approach your wedding with a documentary photographer’s mindset. We work to capture as many real-life events, moments, details, faces and emotions as we can throughout your day, from when you’re getting ready, to when you see each other in wedding attire for the first time, and say your vows, and cut your cake, and hit the dance floor, and everything in between. You’ll always be able to re-live your wedding day, and show future children and new friends, by flipping through your wedding photos. What a priceless family heirloom your wedding photos will become!

To best get those real-life photos of you and your friends and family, we make ourselves as unobtrusive as we can. Wallflower Photography might be a cute business name, but it's also a description of our mentality as wedding photographers. As we blend in with your wedding guests and do our best to fade into the background, people tend to forget we’re there, and when they don’t notice the lens on them, they are free to just be themselves. And that's exactly what we want to photograph. Not only does it make our photos more authentic, it makes the day more enjoyable for everyone else, too, without feeling the metaphorical weight of that lens aimed at them.

This photo gallery features many of our favorite candid wedding photos. Not a single photo in this gallery was posed — they were photographed as they happened naturally, without any photographer intervention. A number of them have won awards in international wedding photography competitions held by the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). See all the award-winning photos in our online portfolio in keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/award-winner.

Enjoy looking at our favorite wedding photojournalism, or wedding-day candids!