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Our award-winning approach to photographing weddings

Cloudy Chambers Bay wedding ceremony — skinny crop We've very proud of the approach to wedding photography that we've developed and continuously refined since launching Wallflower Photography in 2003. Our way of creating wedding photodocumentaries naturally and unobtrusively, while also being able to direct a high-level portrait shoot in the middle of all that, has generated so much positive feedback that national wedding resource website MyWedding.com has named us Best in State the past four years, based solely on our reviews. A short list of the biggest honors and awards we've won is available on our Brags page.

Wedding photography is such a complex subject in ways both artistic and technical, and it's so dependent on the photographer's experience, training, personality and style. It's impossible to explain it all succinctly!

Bride and groom smile — skinny cropIn short, at a wedding, we're always on the lookout for special moments, both planned and unplanned.

We're keeping a low-key presence (i.e. Wallflower Mode) for most of your wedding day.

We're constantly thinking creatively, finding unique perspectives and clever angles.

We're helping you into attractive poses at pre-designated times for portraiture.

We're documenting your style and attention to detail in your wedding decor and attire.

We're utilizing sophisticated off-camera lighting techniques to achieve the high-definition 'pop' that our images are known for.

We're letting the unique features and personality of your wedding venue provides spice to our photos.

And we're doing it all with genuine smiles on our faces and earnest happiness in our hearts, because it's a fun job — even though it's far more work than most people imagine!

Do you want to read more? If so, just click to expose more information on the subjects below. Still, none of this will replace a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting, or at the very least a phone call. Let's set one up soon, shall we?