1. Groom dips bride at Newcastle's best Seattle viewpoint
  2. Bride and groom on Packard at Holy Rosary Church
  3. Groom kisses bride in tightly framed shot
  4. Wedding kiss at Thornewood Castle's Rose Red fountain
  5. Bride and groom fisheye portrait at Chambers Bay sunset
  6. Award-winning 'Grounded In Family' wedding portrait
  7. Dog photobombs kiss at historic Weyerhaeuser Estate
  8. Bride walks in Olalla seagrass near Edgewater House
  9. Tired bride and groom recline on Thornewood Castle bed
  10. Bride and groom kiss by Museum of Glass cone at dusk
  11. Wedding party sits on steps of St Paul's Church
  12. Bride and groom smile in studio-like wedding portrait
  13. Army groom, groomsmen pose with swords at Chambers Bay
  14. Wedding night kiss near glowing art at Museum of Glass
  15. Bride and groom in Newcastle Golf Club ballroom
  16. Bride and groom walk through St Edwards Park forest
  17. Bride laughs during wedding photo shoot in forest
  18. Ring bearers, flower girls at Thornewood Castle wedding
  19. Bride and groom sunset kiss on Thornewood Castle dock
  20. Two grooms on bench in Thornewood Castle sunken garden
  21. Rainy Gig Harbor dock with umbrellas, flock of seagulls
  22. Groom, groomsmen pose in front of Sodo Park entrance
  23. Fisheye portrait of kiss at Thornewood Castle entrance
  24. Silhouette at sunset on Thornewood Castle dock
  25. Kissing bride and groom, framed by orange flowering azalea in UW arboretum
  26. Groom with bride in black dress inside bamboo grove
  27. Bride reflected in ornate mirror at Thornewood Castle
  28. Bride in Anna's Suite bay windows at Thornewood Castle
  29. Bride with bouquet in front of hotel room window
  30. Bride and groom nuzzle under rainbow by stone church
  31. Bride and groom on rocks at Chinese Reconciliation Park
  32. Bride framed by curved doorway in Timberline Lodge
  33. Layered wedding party portrait by McCormick Woods pond
  34. Bride and bridesmaids laugh by Thornewood Castle window
  35. Groom and groomsmen laugh before Historic 1625 wedding
  36. Bride and groom under umbrellas in rain at Owen Beach
  37. Bride and groom sunset silhouette at Chambers Bay view
  38. Bride and groom kiss shy flower girl's cheeks
  39. Bride sits on groom by stone building at Willows Lodge
  40. Bride and groom kiss on Chambers Bay patio at sunset
  41. Serious bride looks off in Seattle’s Gas Works Park
  42. Bride and groom look out window in Tacoma Union Station
  43. Groom kissed on cheek by bride with creative framing
  44. Bride and groom by forest stream at Copper Creek Inn
  45. Groom kisses bride under umbrellas at Point Defiance
  46. Bride and groom pose hip-hop style in Pan Pacific Hotel
  47. Bride with bouquet smiles as groom kisses cheek
  48. Bride and groom on verge of kiss, from under veil
  49. Bride faces groom at Thornewood Castle fountain
  50. Bride and groom smile in Thornewood Castle garden
  51. Toned detail photo of smiling bride's purple bouquet
  52. Groom, groomsmen in sunglasses pose at Chambers Bay
  53. Bride and bridesmaids lean on each other on rocky beach
  54. Bride and groom kiss by Chihuly glass in Union Station
  55. Shadows of veil fall across faces in under-veil portrait
  56. Lens flares over bride and groom in Willows Lodge lobby
  57. Motorcyclist photobombs portrait by Centralia mural
  58. Bride and groom by Lone Fir at Chambers Bay Golf Course
  59. Kissing bride and groom in Kitsap Memorial forest
  60. Brides pose by pool, Hotshop Cone at Museum of Glass
  61. Bride smiles through veil in black and white
  62. Bride and groom sit among flowers at Lakewold Gardens
  63. Wedding party strikes funny poses on Chambers Bay patio
  64. Bride and groom by brick wall at Thornewood Castle
  65. Bride reclines against groom on coach in Port Gamble
  66. Window of Bentley frames portrait at Thornewood Castle
  67. Groom and groomsmen with walking sticks and sunglasses
  68. Bride and groom walk by wall at Olympic Sculpture Park
  69. Bride and groom kiss by huge sculpture at Hotel Murano
  70. Groom pulls open shirt to reveal Batman chest plate
  71. Bride and groom silhouetted on Post Alley cobblestone
  72. Bride and groom with huge flowering plum tree behind
  73. Bride in 1920s era dress sits at Weyerhaeuser Estate
  74. Detail photo of bride's eyelashes in window light
  75. Bride and groom kiss on beach at Allyn Waterfront Park
  76. Under bride's veil with groom at Trinity Episcopal
  77. Groom kisses bride by gate to Thornewood Castle garden
  78. Bride and groom cuddle on patio of Newcastle Golf Club
  79. Bride and groom pose with tiger at Point Defiance Zoo
  80. Bride and groom at First Presbyterian Church archway
  81. Bride and groom by Legislative Building at WA capitol
  82. Bride and groom sit by window in Sanders Estate mansion
  83. Groom and groomsmen in mirrored Thornewood Castle hall
  84. Silhouette of bride and groom by Puget Sound at sunset
  85. Bride and groom nuzzle in black and white photo
  86. Bride and groom pose by tree near sunset
  87. Bride and groom kiss at Historic 1625 Tacoma Place
  88. Bride sits in Wagner House bathroom at Lakewold Gardens
  89. Bride and groom by Ruston Way tree by Puget Sound
  90. Bride and groom sit on green bench on MV Skansonia
  91. Bride and groom in stone archway at Rock Creek Gardens
  92. Bride and groom laugh in Thornewood Castle garden arch
  93. Bride and groom on bench at Thornewood Castle entrance
  94. Groom kisses bride by classic car at Thornewood Castle
  95. Wedding party in medieval battle at Thornewood Castle
  96. Bride and groom in historic Foss Waterway Seaport boat
  97. Bride and groom sitting in Woodland Park Rose Garden
  98. Two Army grooms nuzzling after same-sex wedding
  99. Bride, bridesmaids laugh by Puyallup City Hall building
  100. Groom, groomsmen by concrete arches at Gas Works Park
  101. Bride and groom hold hands by Chambers Bay structures
  102. Bride and groom silhouette under wedding arch at sunset
  103. Wedding party with bouquets and cigars at Albers Mill
  104. Two brides standing on Bay Lake dock on Key Peninsula
  105. Groom leans on sitting bride at Point Defiance Zoo
  106. Two grooms posed in Shafer Baillie Mansion garden
  107. Bride and groom in picture frame held by ring bearers
  108. Bride and groom kiss in Laurel Creek Manor balcony
  109. Brides pose by Museum of Glass Hotshop Cone at night
  110. Groom leans against metal at Seattle's Gas Works Park
  111. Bride smiles in front of glass wall at Hotel Murano
  112. Groom kisses bride on Edgewater House beach
  113. Bride and groom stand in Lakewold Garden teahouse
  114. At Thornewood Castle, wedding party jokingly attempts to pull bride and groom apart
  115. Bridesmaids and groomsmen strike funny poses
  116. Bride and groom cuddle at Kitsap Memorial State Park
  117. Groom kisses bride in glow of Sodo Park courtyard light
  118. Bride and groom silhouette on Lake Union dock at sunset
  119. Silhouette of bride and military groom on beach at dusk
  120. Bride and groom at night in Thornewood Castle entrance

Portrait Gallery

The Portfolio of Wallflower Photography

Photojournalistic, documentary-style wedding photos form the foundation of Wallflower Photography's approach to photographing weddings, and our capturing of candid moments takes up the majority of the time we spend photographing weddings. If all that was the cake, our posed wedding portraits are the frosting on top. In fact, our taste in wedding portraits is a lot like our taste in cake frosting: not too sweet or fluffy, made of the best ingredients available, and designed to complement the cake instead of overpowering it.

Our wedding-day photo shoots usually take place before or after the wedding ceremony, or often a mix of both. Our preference is usually to shoot bride/groom and wedding party portraits before the ceremony, and family portraits after it, but we'll do whatever our clients want.

During this designated portrait time, we morph out of unobtrusive Wallflower mode and take charge in a more vocal way to maneuver the bride and groom, their family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers, and all our other portrait subjects into attractive poses and positioning. We are very accomplished at both traditional and contemporary portraiture, and we are able to create an impressive variety of photos in a short amount of time. We understand how to pose and light all body types, and we are knowledgeable and equipped to handle every setting that we might encounter when photographing a wedding.

When we’re photographing portraits of the wedding party, and especially just the bride and groom, we make the process fun and collaborative. We're great at using your venue’s best features to come up with a terrific variety of settings and poses. Although we have an artistic, creative style, our portraits focus more on showing your love for each other than on being artsy, and they often have a candid feel despite being posed.

We often hear from engaged couples that our photos seem to "pop" more than those from other wedding photographers, with brighter colors and sharper details. We accomplish our unique look through a combination of off-camera lighting and digital post-processing, but it is the lighting that truly sets us apart. We use state-of-the-art off-camera lighting setups with radio-controlled, battery-powered flash units that are cordless, easy to set up, and light enough to carry around and reposition as needed.

When we're finished with the wedding-day portrait session, we revert back to being Wallflowers and you’re encouraged to go back to forgetting that we’re even there.

Several of the photos in this gallery have won awards in wedding photography competitions held by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). See all the award-winning photos in our online portfolio in keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/award-winner.

Enjoy looking at our favorite wedding-day portraits and posed or semi-posed photos!