1. Detail of bamboo wedding rings in heart-shaped oyster
  2. Detail of bride's necklace, dress and veil
  3. Detail of flowers with two grooms at Thornewood Castle
  4. Detail of bride's reflection in two makeup mirrors
  5. Detail of pinkie promise wedding rings
  6. Detail of wine glasses with lipstick mark, disco ball
  7. Detail of statue at Thornewood Castle garden wedding
  8. Detail of reflections with bride and groom in EMP wall
  9. Detail of Museum of Glass artwork in wedding ceremony
  10. Detail of bride's reflection in makeup mirror
  11. Detail of frilly wedding cake at Lakewold Gardens
  12. Detail of intricate sugar flower on wedding cake
  13. Detail of bride and father's hands in wedding ceremony
  14. Detail of wedding rings on large purple mushroom cap
  15. Detail of beading and fabric flowers on wedding dress
  16. Detail of bridemaid lacing up bride's wedding dress
  17. Detail of Rolls-Royce hood ornament with bride, groom
  18. Detail of wedding cake on stand in Tacoma Union Station
  19. Detail of bride's bouquet by Blitz Florist of Tacoma
  20. Detail of fabric note left for bride by her father
  21. Detail of custom wedding monogram sign
  22. Detail of wedding rings, ceremonial Nintendo controller
  23. Detail of white icing on pink wedding cake
  24. Detail of glazed fruit and berry tart at wedding
  25. Detail of bee and sunflower decorating wedding ceremony
  26. Detail of bride's shoes, garter on thigh
  27. Detail of wedding dress in window at Thornewood Castle
  28. Detail of art deco wedding cake and ornate ceiling
  29. Detail of sugar flowers on ornate wedding cake
  30. Detail of backlit wedding dress hanging in window
  31. Detail of antique cameo pinned to bridal bouquet handle
  32. Detail of weddings rings of two grooms on Army hat band
  33. Detail of Death Star groom's cake with Stormtroopers
  34. Detail of red bride's shoes on throw pillow
  35. Detail of dahlia on white wedding cake with green curls
  36. Detail of garters on bride's thigh with ring, bracelet
  37. Detail of' sign at head of aisle to wedding ceremony
  38. Detail of hydrangea flowers in Thornewood Castle garden
  39. Detail of four-tier wedding cake at Thornewood Castle
  40. Detail of bride's bouquet of pale flowers and cabbages
  41. Detail of bridal bouquet on decorative chair
  42. Detail of wedding dress in window of Tacoma Marriott
  43. Detail of groom's soccer-themed cufflinks
  44. Detail of wedding rings circling wedding location on map
  45. Detail of fountain in Thornewood Castle garden wedding
  46. Detail of henna patterns on bride's feet and legs
  47. Detail of fruit and berries in wedding reception drink
  48. Detail through camera viewfinder during wedding toasts
  49. Detail of invitation to Chinese-American wedding
  50. Detail of wedding reception centerpiece on mirror base
  51. Detail of wedding reception menu card
  52. Detail of bride's legs while putting on shoe
  53. Detail of eclectic wedding cake at Thornewood Castle
  54. Detail of rain shower over Thornewood Castle patio
  55. Detail of huge paper flowers at Tacoma Union Station
  56. Detail of bouquet on driftwood with bride and groom
  57. Detail of wedding rings nestled in bride's bouquet
  58. Detail of stitching on bride's backlit wedding dress
  59. Detail of violinist playing at PDZA wedding ceremony
  60. Detail of cursive 'Congratulations' in chocolate syrup

Details Gallery

The Portfolio of Wallflower Photography

We've seen how much time, energy, and money goes into planning the thousand little details of a wedding. Some items, like wedding cakes and bridal bouquets, are coordinated and purchased from professional bakers and florists. Others are personally designed by the bride and groom, and sometimes even made by hand, like favors for wedding guests and custom signs to direct or instruct them. Wedding venues themselves have built-in details, whether it's of flowers growing in the garden, architectural details, or interior decor.

All these details come together to bestow a unique character onto a wedding that reflects the individual personalities of the two people getting married. It's our goal to create a wedding documentary that will help our clients remember their wedding years from now when their memories of the day have faded, and photographs of all these details make up an important part of our documentary.

One particular type of detail that we really enjoy photographing in creative ways are the bride's and groom's wedding rings. We often borrow the rings to give them their own mini photo shoot, making use of venue or wedding details give them interesting surroundings and context. You'll find photos of rings posed on fingers, flowers, a mushroom, a Nintendo controller, and more! Filter this gallery to see only the photos focused on wedding rings, you can use keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/ring.

We also love to photograph wedding cakes, and we've seen some truly impressive works of art! You'll spot photos of cakes large and small, with intricately piped icing and delicate sugar flowers, and oh yeah, there's a Death Star. If you want to see only the photos of wedding cakes in this gallery, you can use keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/cake.

Last, we're particularly proud of our work with reflections, and you'll see some great examples in this photo gallery, as well as in the Candid gallery. You can see all the photos with reflections in our portfolio in keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/reflection.

Several of these photos have won awards in wedding photography competitions held by the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

Enjoy looking at our favorite photos of wedding details!