1. Bride and bridesmaids jump into swimming pool
  2. Bride and groom giving shout-out to wedding guests
  3. Twin flower girls whisper as bride approaches
  4. Bride and bridesmaids laugh while dancing in reception
  5. Joyous bride and groom after marriage pronouncement
  6. Bride and groom pelted with rose petals while departing
  7. Bride and groom laugh during first dance by yellow wall
  8. Bride looks out windows in Thornewood Castle suite
  9. Bride prepares to toss bouquet from barn balcony
  10. Daughter of bride and groom licks her tears in wedding
  11. Bride's mom tears up as daughter preps for wedding
  12. Grooms react to dad's toast during wedding reception
  13. Melancholy bride by window of MV Skansonia in Seattle
  14. Bride's mom and sister help fasten her veil
  15. Bride and parents laugh as they escort her down aisle
  16. Baby flower girl gnaws on heel of mom's shoe
  17. Baby reaches for flower held in tattooed groom's mouth
  18. Army groom borrows brother's dreadlock as mustache
  19. Bridesmaids react variously to emotional wedding ceremony
  20. Groom jumps into Tongan dance during wedding reception
  21. Reflection of bride adjusting hair in mirror
  22. Emotional groom clasps hands with proud father
  23. Bride's father, groom shake hands in wedding ceremony
  24. Chinese families toast bride and groom at wedding
  25. Bride and groom light unity candle in Thornewood Castle
  26. Bride grins at groom as her dad walks her to wedding
  27. Parents lay hands on bride and groom during wedding
  28. Bride laughs during wedding ceremony in shark aquarium
  29. Ring bearer reacts in disgust to first kiss
  30. Bride cuts wedding cake with sword as groom laughs
  31. Father of off-camera bride takes her hand for wedding
  32. Groom pokes bubbles with finger as bride laughs
  33. Bride and military groom laugh at end of wedding
  34. Bride and groom kiss under fireworks at Edgewater House
  35. Grandparents smile while dancing in wedding reception
  36. Bride, groom and groomsmen rock the air guitar
  37. Bridesmaids use extra leverage to tighten bride's dress
  38. Groom high-fives best man during first kiss
  39. Bride, groom laugh during toasts in wedding reception
  40. Emotional bride looks to father after discovering note
  41. Indonesian bride and father seen in reflective window
  42. Emotional bride receives vows during wedding ceremony
  43. Wrist binding ceremony with Nintendo controller cord
  44. Dove release during wedding ceremony at Volunteer Park
  45. Wedding guests dance energetically
  46. Wedding guest performs high kick on dance floor
  47. Reflection of bride hugging daughter after wedding
  48. Bride's parents laugh while dancing during reception
  49. Bride looks out windows of door of Broadmoor Golf Club
  50. Bride celebrates exuberantly at the end of her wedding
  51. Bride and groom cut their unique wedding cake
  52. Bride hugs her grandpa during wedding reception at Copper Creek Inn in Ashford
  53. Groom and friend perform wild dance move during Heritage Room wedding reception
  54. Dressing bride emerges smiling out the top of her dress
  55. Groom smiles from staircase before wedding ceremony
  56. Bride on bed laughs from bridesmaid peeking into room
  57. Sun flares as bride and father descend ramp to wedding
  58. Bride's parents reach for groom in wedding ceremony
  59. Bride plays bass marimba at her wedding reception
  60. Toasting grandma shoots dirty look at laughing man
  61. Reactions to bouquet catch with consolation prizes
  62. Bride takes cake smash revenge with best man's help
  63. Bride and groom smile big at end of wedding ceremony
  64. Nervous bride descends Thornewood Castle staircase
  65. Cute wedding kids hold hands while approaching ceremony
  66. First dance during wedding on remote Sucia Island
  67. Bride dances with grandpa during wedding reception
  68. Groom and friends serenade bride during Hollywood Schoolhouse wedding
  69. Bride and groom gaze at each other with big smiles after first kiss in Union Station wedding ceremony
  70. Bride is reflected twice while checking out hairdo in two mirrors at Swink in Seattle
  71. Wedding party chills in Thornewood Castle library between ceremony and reception
  72. Bride drinks from flask before wedding at Weyerhaeuser Estate in Tacoma
  73. Bride, groom and guests ride whale-watching boat to ceremony site on Sucia Island
  74. Groom dips and kisses bride at end of first dance in Thornewood Castle's Great Hall
  75. Bride and maid of honor chat with priest outside church as father waits inside
  76. Groom attempts to rescue his beer from his thieving bride in Thornewood Castle sunken garden
  77. In wedding ceremony, hands extended to bride and groom
  78. Bride chases shuttlecock while playing badminton on her wedding day
  79. Ring bearers fire stomp rocket during wedding reception at Kitsap Memorial State Park
  80. Bride surprises groom with Transformers cake
  81. Family of bride and groom laugh during toasts
  82. Bride's brother holds mask of absent father's face while escorting bride to wedding ceremony at PDZA
  83. Groom struggles with emotions while watching bride approach at start of Chambers Bay wedding ceremony
  84. Many watch as bride and father approach church wedding
  85. Bride's Navy officer father salutes with sword as bride watches from Bentley
  86. Bride and groom cut wedding cake with sword
  87. Groom's nephews walk on hands after car museum wedding
  88. Video cameras recording wedding at Seattle Tennis Club
  89. Bride and groom laugh to young relative's sweet toast
  90. Bride tosses bouquet in Chambers Bay wedding pavilion
  91. Groom hugs sad mom during emotional toast
  92. Bride with hairpiece looks down pensively
  93. Bride and groom smile during first dance
  94. Flower girl admires bride's hanging dress
  95. Bride looks out to ceremony site at Lakewold Gardens
  96. Bride snugs into groom while riding in antique Packard
  97. Bride walks along Pike Place Market cobblestones
  98. Bride and groom kiss in sword arch at Thornewood Castle
  99. Maid of honor laughs at bride's joke before wedding
  100. Laughing sister, mother hold bride's dress across road
  101. Groom and bride exchange looks before feeding cake
  102. Bride shoves frosting-coated finger up groom's nose
  103. Groomsman dances with motion blur at wedding reception
  104. Fisheye photo of groom's son dancing at wedding party
  105. Nervous bride walks down Thornewood Castle hallway
  106. Army grooms smile in wedding when pronounced married
  107. Groom gives toast to friends around fire at night
  108. Bride and groom stop at Dick's in Seattle for ice cream
  109. Bride's father reflected in window as he watches her
  110. Smiling brides touch foreheads at end of wedding
  111. Laughing bride and groom in grand entrance to reception
  112. Statue watches wedding in Thornewood Castle garden
  113. Bride and wedding guests having fun with boyfriend
  114. Groom and groomsmen wait at Museum of Glass
  115. Bride and groom depart Thornewood past cheering guests
  116. Groom points to wedding ring during ceremony
  117. Bridesmaids in red dresses laugh during photo shoot
  118. Groomsman held up by bridesmaids in photo booth
  119. Bride's grandpa joyously hugs newlyweds after wedding
  120. Bride adjusts veil in mirror in Thornewood Castle suite
  121. Bride dives up through her wedding dress to the top
  122. Flower girl watches ring exchange with tears
  123. Jewish bride and groom grin while departing ceremony
  124. Ring bearer, flower girls hurry through rainy courtyard
  125. Bride and groom enjoy first dance at Chambers Bay
  126. Bride and groom enjoy first dance at GRCC
  127. Bride and groom laugh together after dancing
  128. Groom hugs mother of bride during wedding reception
  129. Bride plays with wedding ring at Historic 1625 Tacoma
  130. Groom applies chapstick just before first kiss
  131. Bride's daughter prepares to help mom with necklace
  132. Bride gazes at reflection in Thornewood Castle mirror
  133. Bride and bridesmaids finish prep at Thornewood Castle
  134. Groomsmen take on Ice Bucket Challenge after wedding
  135. Bride and mom share moment at Chambers Bay bar
  136. Bride's boxer dog looks away from first kiss
  137. Bride steps out of car at Space Needle in Seattle
  138. Bride and flower girl look out Thornewood Castle window
  139. Bride puts on shoes in Thornewood Castle suite
  140. Reflection of bride hugging bridesmaid, with shoes
  141. Bride and groom celebrate at end of wedding ceremony
  142. Bride's parents carry her dress while descending stairs
  143. Bride and bridesmaids startle as champagne cork pops
  144. Bride smears wedding cake on groom from ear to ear
  145. Groom's daughter sings in Thornewood wedding reception
  146. Bored flower girl watches bride and groom portraits
  147. Bride silhouette against Sodo Park frosted windows
  148. Bride and bridesmaids adjusting birdcage veil in mirror
  149. Two single ladies battle for bride's bouquet
  150. Just-married bride and groom depart wedding ceremony

Candid Gallery

The Portfolio of Wallflower Photography

Unobtrusive, storytelling wedding photojournalism is the foundation of Wallflower Photography's approach to photographing weddings. Simply put, we want to re-tell the real story of your wedding day in our photographs. 

Why is that important? You've surely heard that your wedding will go by in a blur. Just think how blurry those memories will be in 10, 20, 50 years! So we approach your wedding with a documentary photographer’s mindset. We work to capture as many real-life events, moments, details, faces and emotions as we can throughout your day, from when you’re getting ready, to when you see each other in wedding attire for the first time, and say your vows, and cut your cake, and hit the dance floor, and everything in between. You’ll always be able to re-live your wedding day, and show future children and new friends, by flipping through your wedding photos. What a priceless family heirloom your wedding photos will become!

To best get those real-life photos of you and your friends and family, we make ourselves as unobtrusive as we can. Wallflower Photography might be a cute business name, but it's also a description of our mentality as wedding photographers. As we blend in with your wedding guests and do our best to fade into the background, people tend to forget we’re there, and when they don’t notice the lens on them, they are free to just be themselves. And that's exactly what we want to photograph. Not only does it make our photos more authentic, it makes the day more enjoyable for everyone else, too, without feeling the metaphorical weight of that lens aimed at them.

This photo gallery features many of our favorite candid wedding photos. Not a single photo in this gallery was posed — they were photographed as they happened naturally, without any photographer intervention. A number of them have won awards in international wedding photography competitions held by the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). See all the award-winning photos in our online portfolio in keyword gallery www.wallflowerphoto.com/keyword/award-winner.

Enjoy looking at our favorite wedding photojournalism, or wedding-day candids!