1. Groom dips bride on Newcastle Golf Club hill at sunset with Seattle landmarks behind
  2. Bride faces groom sitting on fountain wall in front of Thornewood Castle
  3. Bride and bridesmaids jump into swimming pool at Orting Manor
  4. Award-winning photo of bride and groom being pronounced husband and wife at end of Thornewood Castle wedding ceremony
  5. Sunset over wedding ceremony at back of Prestwick Terrace at Newcastle Golf Club
  6. Umbrella-holding groom held down, kept from blowing away by bride, wedding party along Tacoma waterfront
  7. Detail of bride's and groom's wedding ring on large purple mushroom cap
  8. Bride with bouquet in front of hotel room window
  9. Wedding ceremony on Chambers Bay patio with cloudy sky, big views, Bentley
  10. Bride and groom hold hands by a forest stream at Copper Creek Inn near Mt. Rainier
  11. Wedding ceremony on Tacoma Union Station balcony, seen through Chihuly glass sculpture
  12. Bride and groom pose in black and white photo
  13. Bride, groom and two friends walk under Seaform Pavilion on Bridge of Glass
  14. Bride and groom laugh during first dance at Sanctuary at Admiral
  15. Bride and groom sit on historic Packard's fenders, holding hands, as sun flares burst from over Holy Rosary Church behind them
  16. Whispering twin flower girls watching bride approach wedding ceremony at WSHM
  17. Bride and groom in rowboat on tranquil pond at Sanders Estate
  18. Bridesmaids laugh during photo shoot at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle
  19. Award-winning creative take on wedding ring detail photo with 'pinkie promise' between bride and groom
  20. Wedding party poses in front of Monarch Window, Chihuly glass at Tacoma Union Station
  21. Bride and groom kiss while passing through sword arch during military wedding at Thornewood Castle
  22. Bride and bridesmaids dancing during Chambers Bay wedding reception
  23. Bride and groom smile as she wraps him up from behind in St. Andrews Ballroom at Newcastle Golf Club
  24. Shadows of veil fall across bride and groom's faces in under-veil portrait
  25. Bride and groom walk in front of Seattle Cloud Cover walls at Olympic Sculpture Park
  26. Groom jumps into traditional Tongan dance during wedding reception at Tacoma Union Station
  27. Groom with cigar, bourbon gives toast to male friends at night around fire at Willows Lodge
  28. Bride and groom sit on bench among wildflowers at Lakewold Gardens
  29. Flower girl licks tears from face in middle of first kiss at Washington State History Museum wedding ceremony
  30. Overhead view of wedding ceremony in Crystal Lake clubhouse with monogram projected on floor
  31. Bride and groom kiss by Hotshop Cone of Museum of Glass at dusk
  32. Bride and groom sitting on bench in sunken garden of Thornewood Castle
  33. Bride and groom in frame held by ring bearers at Experience Music Project
  34. Bride laughs during wedding ceremony by the shark tank at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma
  35. Flower girls, ring bearer follow bride and groom out of sunken garden toward Thornewood Castle
  36. Bride getting ready for Sodo Park wedding is silhouetted against frosted windows
  37. Detail of two garters on bride's thigh, and her wedding ring and bracelet
  38. Bride's veil blows in breeze, groom sits by reflecting pool on Museum of Glass rooftop
  39. Bride "swims" though wedding dress, reaches out the top where bridesmaid peers through to offer help
  40. Bride, groom slap high-fives at end of wedding ceremony on Puyallup City Hall patio
  41. Grooms react to father's toast during wedding reception of same-sex wedding at Thornewood Castle
  42. Two Army grooms in happy, loving embrace after same-sex wedding
  43. Detail of white icing on pink wedding cake by Celebrity Cake Studio
  44. Bride and groom smile after releasing doves during wedding ceremony at Volunteer Park in Seattle
  45. Budgies fly to bride posed inside exhibit at Point Defiance Zoo
  46. Bride steps out of car for valet at foot of Space Needle in Seattle
  47. Seen from above, bride walks along cobblestone road near Pike Place Market in Seattle
  48. Bridesmaids use extra leverage to pull the bride's laces tight in the Carnoustie Suite at the Newcastle Golf Club near Seattle, Washington
  49. Smiling bride looks out windows of door of Broadmoor Golf Club in Seattle
  50. Bride and groom at Museum of Glass' illuminated Fluent Steps exhibit at dusk
  51. Award-winning photo of glass detail in Fluent Steps exhibit at Museum of Glass, with wedding ceremony behind
  52. Wedding ceremony on Lakewold Garden brick walk with topiary as seen from Wagner House window
  53. Bride celebrates emotionally at the climax of her wedding ceremony near Gig Harbor
  54. Bride and groom laugh after sword spank at end of military wedding ceremony
  55. Detail of bride's bouquet of pale flowers and cabbages
  56. Detail of large white dahlia on white wedding cake with green swirls
  57. Bride in wedding dress smiles up from inside small, round hot tub at Orting Manor
  58. Bride and groom gaze at each other with big smiles after first kiss in Union Station wedding ceremony
  59. Bride and groom smile big at end of wedding ceremony inside Museum of Glass
  60. Bride and groom's kiss framed in open window of Bentley parked behind Thornewood Castle
  61. Bride leans into groom while sitting on low wall of fountain at Woodland Park Rose Garden
  62. Bride chases shuttlecock while playing badminton on her wedding day
  63. Bride and bridesmaids smile, laugh at each other by Thornewood Castle windows
  64. Groom, groomsmen pose in front of Sodo Park entrance
  65. Bride and groom hold hands, look out across Lake Quinault in Olympic National Park
  66. Bride and groom kiss in front of Orizon scultpure at Hotel Murano
  67. Bride is reflected twice while checking out hairdo in two mirrors at Swink in Seattle
  68. Brides in same-sex wedding at Point Defiance Pagoda smile big, touch foreheads at end of wedding ceremony
  69. Bride, groom, laugh as wedding guests cheer their entrance into Thornewood Castle wedding reception
  70. Groom hugs mother of bride during wedding at Cedar Springs
  71. Bride and groom smile during first dance at Weyerhaeuser Estate in Tacoma
  72. Bride and groom kiss in unique balcony at Laurel Creek Manor
  73. Two grooms kiss while in parked car at front door of Thornewood Castle
  74. Antique car transporting bride and groom through Point Defiance Park on rainy November wedding day
  75. Bride's brother holds mask of absent father's face while escorting bride to wedding ceremony at PDZA
  76. Boxer dog photobombs portrait of bride and groom kissing in open door at Weyerhaeuser Estate
  77. Bride and father watch wedding processional while waiting their turn in Thornewood Castle sunken garden
  78. Two grooms share private moment on bench near sunken garden gate at Thornewood Castle
  79. Laughing sister and mother hold bride's dress as she crosses street to wedding venue
  80. Bride and groom hold hands while walking on uneven ground near concrete structure at Chambers Bay
  81. Bride and groom silhouetted against Monarch Window at Tacoma Union Station Rotunda
  82. Bride and groom cut wedding cake with sword during reception at Weyerhaeuser Estate in Tacoma
  83. Bride and groom walk along reflecting pool at Museum of Glass with Foss Waterway in background
  84. Groomsmen take on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during Chambers Bay wedding reception
  85. Bride adjusts veil in mirror, seen in Anna's Suite at Thornewood Castle through open door
  86. Detail of bride's necklace, dress, veil
  87. Bride and groom light unity candle during wedding ceremony in Thornewood Castle's Great Hall
  88. Award-winning detail photo of bride's bouquet and wedding dress with funky angle and color effect
  89. Bride looks out window at ceremony site before wedding at Lakewold Gardens
  90. Lens flares streak across portrait of seated bride and groom in Willows Lodge lobby
  91. Bride nuzzles groom's neck inside bamboo grove, photographed with fisheye lens
  92. Bride looks out windows of Presidential Suite in Thornewood Castle
  93. Romantic bride and groom under umbrellas in rainstorm at Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park
  94. Reflection of bride hugging daughter during wedding at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo
  95. Bride and groom giving a shout-out to their wedding guests at WSHM
  96. Bride and groom kiss on Chambers Bay patio at sunset
  97. Ring bearer reacts in disgust to bride and groom's first kiss during wedding ceremony in Thornewood Castle's sunken garden
  98. Groom high-fives best man during first kiss at Tacoma Union Station wedding
  99. Bride and groom at Chambers Bay beach at sunset
  100. Bride and groom kiss on Chambers Bay patio during vibrant pink sunset over Puget Sound
  101. Bride and groom kiss by fountain at front of Thornewood Castle
  102. Seated bride and groom cuddle on patio of Newcastle Golf Club
  103. Bride and groom laugh in front of arch at First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma
  104. Bride and groom smile along railing in front of Legislative Building on Washington State capitol campus
  105. Smiling bride and groom embrace at dusk near glowing Fluent Steps glass sculpture at Museum of Glass
  106. Wedding party with bouquets and cigars at Albers Mill in Tacoma
  107. Bride and groom stand under brick arch in Thornewood Castle sunken garden with flowering azalea in foreground
  108. Bride descends curving staircase in Wagner House at Lakewold Gardens
  109. Bride and groom by railing with flowering plum tree behind
  110. Bridal bouquet on terrazzo tile and marble floor of Tacoma Union Station Rotunda
  111. Bride's wedding dress hangs backlit in mirror at Laurel Creek Manor
  112. Groom kisses bride's each in glow of Sodo Park courtyard lights
  113. Award-winning detail photo of bride's and groom's wedding rings
  114. Bride takes revenge, smashes wedding cake in groom's face
  115. Bride and groom climb hill at Newcastle Golf Club to view of Seattle at sunset
  116. Bride and groom hold hands while walking into light at end of Indian Summer tunnel


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In the past three years, we're proud to have been named Best Wedding Photographers in Washington State by national wedding website mywedding.com three times, and to earn a #1 ranking in Washington State by dominating in competitions held by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Last year, we submitted one of the only candid wedding photos to be selected into the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

The Wallflower Way of Photographing Weddings:
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Our approach to wedding photography can best be described as having a rock-solid foundation of documentary-style wedding photojournalism, enhanced by portraiture that is a blend of creative and classic, modern and timeless. We are great at capturing artistic photos of the many details of the wedding day, and of letting the environment in which the wedding took place give life and color to our images. Wedding photography is a tremendously complex subject and we get into greater depth on some of the other pages on this website.

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We are also all about creating a lasting, meaningful way for our clients to enjoy and treasure their wedding photos for all the years of their lives and beyond. Most of our clients get one of our beautiful, custom-designed wedding albums, which we get from top album companies including Pictobooks and GraphiStudio. We also offer a huge variety of wall art and tabletop art options, including standard photographic prints, stretched canvases, aluminum prints in different shapes and formats, and wood prints.

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We’ve been photographing weddings in the Seattle/Tacoma area for over 13 years, with over 300 weddings under our belt in that time. Those weddings took place at over 100 different venues, including churches, gardens, museums, zoos and aquariums, private residences and public parks. We use excellent camera gear, are advanced in the use of today’s best radio-controlled lighting, and have the knowledge and experience needed to get sharp, well-exposed photos in every possible situation.

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We serve the entire Puget Sound region, including Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Lacey, Everett, Mukilteo, Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, Auburn, Puyallup, Lakewood, University Place, Bremerton, Port Orchard and Ruston. Since we're based in Tacoma, we know South Sound wedding venues best of all, and operate a website called Tacoma’s Top Wedding Venues to show off our work at our favorite hometown-area venues:

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